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About us

TCA Counseling Group was founded by Dr. Tonn Q. Cao in 2011 on the philosophy that every individual should be treated with respect and integrity despite his or her background, identity or experiences. This is particularly true when they are at their most vulnerable as they seek counseling services.


We offer a safe refuge where individuals, couples and families are encouraged to explore their tribulations as they succeed at leading healthier and happier lives.
By combining our specializations, our therapists can help our clients from many different perspectives and increase the chances of their success in meeting their treatment goals.
Collectively, we have been working in the psychological counseling sector for over a century and have a wealth of education and experience to offer our clients.

Feel free to contact us at any time to find out more about our approach and the types of therapies we offer.

Tonn Q. Cao, Ph.D.



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