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Couples Counseling

We all know romantic relationships can be very rewarding, but difficult and life-altering. Like a delicate orchid, they require our constant attention and care. They take time and energy to cultivate. But, sometimes despite our best efforts, romantic relationships become a source of stress on us. We need a professional to give us an objective viewpoint so that we may begin to heal and move forward together, or separately.


Who can benefit from couples therapy?

  • Loving couples wanting to improve their relationship

  • Dissatisfied couples wanting to decrease arguments and conflicts

  • Engaged couples looking for insight into healthy relationships

  • Couples considering separation or divorce, but are not yet ready to give-up their relationship


We focus on the following areas in our couples therapy:

  • Productive communication in the relationship

  • Premarital and co-habitation consultation

  • Separation and divorce contemplation

  • Intimacy issues

  • Childrearing differences

  • Extramarital affairs

  • Maladaptive Communication Skills

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