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Art Therapy Group

with Nicole Ferretti, LMHC


Are you interested in getting to know yourself a little better and want to find a way to do it that is more than just talking? Perhaps an art therapy group would be an interesting way to express your feelings. TCA is offering a 4 session art therapy group this Winter.

Art therapy is a type of therapy that utilizes visual arts to help clients express themselves. It can be hard at times to put into words how you are feeling. Art is a way to express how you are feeling without needing to say a word. It is a visual representation of how clients feel. You do not need to be an artist to participate in art therapy.

This four week group will help clients build awareness of their emotions and being present with them. It is appropriate for those:

  • Struggling with depression or anxiety

  • Having difficulties expressing their emotions

  • Battling self-esteem issues

Session 1, Jan. 25th: A Journey into Emotional Exploration

Using any media illustrate an emotion that you are currently feeling


Session 2, Feb. 1st: Identifying Causes of Anxiety

Draw a tree and have the leave and branches represent a worry or fear you have.


Session 3, Feb. 8th: Exploring Issues of Self Esteem

Use a pencil to sketch a bridge on the paper. To the left of the bridge include imagery of what you are leaving. On the right, where you are headed. Under the bridge, draw obstacles you have encountered along the way.


Session 4, Feb. 15th: A Revisit to Your Emotions

Visualize if your mood was a landscape what would it look like. Using mix media illustrate what your emotional landscape looks like at this current moment.


What is Art Therapy?

Date: Thursdays, January 25th - February 15th 6:30 - 8:00pm

Location: TCA Counseling Group, 6 Edgerly Place, 3rd Floor, Boston 02116

Age: 18+

Cost: $300

Advance Reservations Only

For More Information

call 617.861.0370

text 857.209.8338‬


About Nicole Ferretti, LMHC

Nicole earned my master in mental health counseling and art therapy in 2015 from Lesley University, specializing in art therapy. Since graduation, she have worked in multiple different types of settings with very diverse populations. She believes that for therapy to help, the therapist and client must develop a trusting relationship. 

Not accepting new members. Check back soon for new dates.
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